4 Countries Everyone Should Visit

It’s suggested that you vacation two times a year for a total of 30 to 45 days. Traveling is a form of nourishment for your mental and physical well-being so wherever you plan to go, just make sure you visit a country you’ll cherish because good memories are always cherishable. In today’s article, we’ve shared our top choices of the countries we think you should vacation to.



1.      Canada

Canada is the second-largest country in regards to size. With so much land to show off, Canada has some fantastic places you can visit as well. For example, Niagra Falls, Abraham Lake, Bay of Fundy, Jasper National Park, Cavendish Beach, Dempster Highway and so many more. Moreover, Canadians are very nice people, and because of the diverse community living in Canada, you are welcomed no matter if your from India, China, Bangladesh, Latin American, you name it; Canadians are very welcoming. As for Latin Americans, this would be the right place for them to start learning English because Canadians are helpful. So for all the Hispanics out there, we suggest you get your visado para ir a Canadá.


2.      United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is famous for numerous things like Big Ben, red buses, castles, beautiful architecture, fish and chips, and the Royal Family. Britain is a great place to visit if you have never vacationed there. First there are numerous famous restaurants you can visit like Beigel Bake, St John Restaurant, Chiltern Firehouse, and Tayyabs. There are also some fantastic places you can visit like Windsor Castle, Leeds Castle, Kew Gardens, Stonehenge and cities like Oxford and Bath that are so exceptionally beautiful. This kingdom is one we should all pay a visit to.


3.      Vietnam

Vietnam is a wonderful country. It has a very diverse landscape to offer tourists, from white-sand beaches to high mountains and natural caves. This country is sure to give you an unforgettable taste of Mother Nature. Moreover, being the largest export of rice and rice being a staple here as well, Vietnamese cuisine is quite savory too. Some famous dishes include Pho, Cao Lau, Bun Bo Nam Bo, Thit Nuong and many more. Nevertheless, traveling to Vietnam will allow you to immerse in a culture that is very different from that of the West, and you can learn some Vietnamese, wear the traditional attire called Ao Dai and do so much more to learn about this amazing country.


4.      Greece

Greece, too, is a breathtaking country with a vibrant history. Shockingly, Greece has over 6,000 islands, and each island has so much to offer. Some famous islands are the island of Crete that is home to Balos Beach, and the island of Mykonos is renowned for its nightlife. In addition, there are numerous historical sites that you can visit like The Acropolis in Athens, The Parthenon, Temple of Apollo, Corinth and more. Nevertheless, let’s not forget Greek food like gyros, baklava, bougatsa, saganaki, and of course the best olives and olive oil.

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