Importance of Conducting a Social Media Audit

In today’s economy, resources are scarce and need to be managed effectively. To productively reach out to your target audience, the social media game plan must be accurate. At this point, it is best to rely on social media audit tools. Far from the regular use of the word audit where the IRS is involved, social media audit entails an evaluation of what serves you best and where you need to improve.

The dynamic nature of social media can lead to various inactive accounts. When performing a social media audit, there are several sectors that should be considered. To begin with, evaluate your existence on online platforms. Take into account the social media channels that have a profile of your brand.

Pay attention to both the active and inactive accounts. Google,, and can help you locate passive accounts. You can do away with the ones that you no longer require. If you figure that you might need them sometime later, you can hold on to them.

It is essential to monitor these accounts in case your brand develops a massive following on the forums.

After finding all your social media accounts, estimate the regularity of your social profiles. Keep tabs on everything by noting down all activities on a worksheet. When you have a consistent social pattern, your target audience can recognize your brand even when you use multiple channels. Consistency is different from identical; however, there should be a consistent theme at all levels.

Consider the appearance of your profile and look over image specifications, headers, and comprehensive policies on respective social channels. Regularly update your bio to remain relevant. Also, check on the links available, check if you have the latest URL. Social media platforms, especially Instagram, can have a vast impact; therefore, remember to check your links.

Your worksheet comes in handy when measuring the quantitative evidence of your accounts. Factors such as likes, shares, comments, views, mentions, number of followers, and major audience segments can be used as a standard measure. You can work on these factors on one social channel at a time, or you could compare them where appropriate. For instance, you can compare the number of shares or retweets on Facebook and Twitter.

The goal is to find out where the factors lie during the specific time you enter details into your worksheet. You can determine the duration as it could be a month, semi-annual, or after a year. Regardless of the time spent, after the close of the entry period, you can begin to use the social media audit tools to get the exact data. These social media audits can be contrasted against each other to get a grasp of the progress.

From one audit to another, you can include a column that monitors the progress percentage. The month to month differences can be a bit misleading since January can vary significantly from December. Such disparities can occur because the sales on holiday are highest in December. A better approach would be the year to year comparison as you can gauge the seasonal differences.

By performing social media audits, you can analyze the action plan of your competitors. Intently study information on their product and customer care support. Use all the available data to improve your brand.


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